Storage Solutions for Every Room

Not every large family has the luxury of a huge, open-plan house with endless storage possibilities. To assist you, we have created a list of the best storage solutions for each room in your house, so life can be simpler, more relaxed, and enjoyable.

Bedroom Storage

Hanging Closet Organiser

These are exceptionally useful for storing extra clothes, shoes, and bits and bobs which don’t fit on the shelves of the closet. Hanging storage takes up free space and also looks neat as every item has its own slot. 

Under Bed Storage

The space under the bed is invaluable for storage, but it often gets dusty, messy, and full of forgotten items. A solution is to have rolling containers you can slide out when necessary, or install drawers in your bed. It is also the perfect place to store out-of-season clothes so they don’t clutter up your closets.

Laundry Storage

Laundry Basket Holders

To avoid dirty clothes piling up, it is helpful to have multiple baskets in the laundry. This helps to sort the clothes into different categories, and it also stops the baskets in the bedrooms overflowing. Laundry basket holders placed strategically on the walls of the laundry can utilise unused space and also make the room neater than if there was a collection of baskets taking up the floor. 

Indoor Clothesline or a Drying Rack

Some items are just too delicate for the dryer, and it’s time to stop using clothes hangers or door handles to dry them. A retractable clothesline in the laundry is an easy solution, and it can be hidden away at any time. Drying racks which fold back up against the wall are also ideal.

Living Room Storage

Shoe Bench 

One of the main areas of clutter in your entranceway is the messy pile of shoes which every home seems to have. Even if you have a shoe rack, the shoes always end up spilling over into the walkway. A closed shoe bench is perfect as you simply open the lid and pack your various shoes away in an unseen area. 

Built-in Cabinets

Entertainment units always take up a large portion of the living area, and when you don’t have a very big room to work with this can be frustrating. Building the cabinets into the walls of the room will solve this issue. Also making the cabinets extend from floor to ceiling will add more storage without being too invasive. 

Kitchen Storage

Pull-out Rubbish Bins

If you use a thin cupboard in the kitchen for pull-out rubbish bins, it will hide the smelly, messy part of the kitchen out of sight and also give you extra floor space. When you have a big family a large rubbish bin is unavoidable and when paired with a recycling tub it can easily take up a corner of the kitchen. 

Unused Spaces

There are many areas in the kitchen you wouldn’t even consider converting into extra storage. One idea is to install a narrow shelf onto the side of a cabinet, with a rod to hold everything in. It is the perfect spot to keep cookbooks, or even herbs and spices, and utilises a space which would have been wasted. 

Bathroom Storage 

Hanging Organiser

If you don’t have much storage space in the bathroom, or it just can’t handle a whole family’s supplies, then hanging organisers are helpful. You can hang one on the shower rail for toiletries, and then attach a more stylish organiser to the wall with other supplies such as makeup and hair brushes. 

Door Towel Rail

Instead of only having one hook on the back of the door for a towel, which really doesn’t cut it for a whole family, install several towel rails so you can dry multiple towels at a time.