The Importance of Keeping a Clean and Tidy Home

A home should be a pleasant sanctuary for everyone who lives in it.  It is very important to make sure that a hectic lifestyle doesn’t get in the way of you being able to relax in a clean environment. Many families can find it a struggle to make time for the housework and to keep on top of mess, especially when everyone is out at work and school all day. Setting aside time to keep your home clean is vitally important, for both your health and wellbeing.


Keeping your house clean should be on top of your to-do list. There are so many cleaning products available for every job and surface so there’s no excuse to let work surfaces, floors, bedding etc become unhygienic.  Any build-up of dirt around the home can put your own and your family’s health at risk. Children are especially susceptible to picking up bugs, and dust and dirty surfaces can be a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria and of course viruses.

Have a daily and weekly routine to help you keep on top of chores so that nothing becomes a big job.  As you would expect the majority of the important daily tasks are in the kitchen and bathroom, very ‘high traffic’ areas.  Daily tasks should include wiping down all kitchen surfaces using antibacterial spray if possible. Keeping all sinks and toilets, again with antibacterial products and bleach. Using cloths and hot water is much better for the environment than wipes.  Weekly tasks should include washing and changing bed sheets, hoovering the house, light dusting and opening windows to allow air to circulate.

Odour Control 

Most of us would hate to think that anyone visiting our home noticed an unpleasant smell. Making sure you keep your home clean and tidy means this won’t be an issue but something that can be a cause of odour is lots of shoes just kicked off at the door.  Have a house rule that shoes are taken away from the front door either to a specific place say a cupboard or taken to everyone’s own bedroom.  Kids especially will struggle with this but it is very good practice.

Pets can be sources of odour, so it’s important that you make sure they are also kept clean where applicable, and pet hairs are cleaned up regularly. Cat litter trays can lead to bad smells, it’s best to keep them in areas of your home such as conservatories or utility rooms and empty immediately once used.

Bins can of course become smelly so make sure they are emptied regularly and if applicable wiped thoroughly as often as possible.

Carpets can collect odours, so it’s worth investing in a carpet shampooing device once every 6 months or so for a deep clean.


Tidiness is very important in the home.  The key to this is simple; everything should have a place and everything should be kept in that place whenever possible.  This means a lot less time spent tidy up as things are where they live.  This also saves a lot of time searching for things.  Obviously, it’s a tricky house rule to enforce at first but well worth sticking to.

Of course, some people naturally like to be surrounded by things and to not want a minimal, clutter free home. If you are a self-confessed clutter lover, this doesn’t mean that you should let your home get dirty.

Clutter and old items that have been lying around for a long time can harbour a lot of dust and lead to poor air quality. If your home is prone to damp, it’s important that you regularly check behind furniture and piles of items to make sure mould doesn’t begin to grow. The spores can be very damaging and cause respiratory problems. if you do not have the time to clean your home thoroughly, then you could try contacting a cleaning services for some help.


If you or your children have allergies, keeping dust out of your home is of great importance. Regularly vacuum your sofas, beds and cushions to keep any dust mites at bay.

Happiness and Wellbeing

Maintaining a clean and organised home can promote happiness. Living in a messy, dirty environment can lead to you feeling down and even lead to depression. Keeping on top of everything, little by little and having all occupants help and be responsible will give them pride in their home and mean everyone can have chance to wind down and relax.