Tips On Hiring a Man and Van Company

So you’re in need of some extra hands to help you out with moving some stuff to, from or within Brighton. If you are considering hiring a man and van in Brighton for the job, here are some tips you should keep in mind. 

These tips aim to find the best man and van near you and help make the process of finding one easy and smooth-sailing. 

What is a Man and Van?

True to its name, a man and van is usually composed of at least one man and his van. They are typically hired to transport items from one point to another. 

Often, they are used for moving houses, but can also be used for other tasks such as furniture delivery, single item collection and delivery, self-storage move-ins, parcel deliveries, waste removal collection and many more. 

Man and van companies typically take on jobs at shorter notice and often charge less than large moving companies. A man and van company can be beneficial, especially when moving houses, as hiring one will not only save you a lot of time and energy but also minimise the risk of damages to your belongings and physical injuries caused by all the heavy lifting. 

Finding A Man and Van

There can be hundreds, or even thousands, of man and van services in cities like Brighton, and finding the right one for you can be a bit of a challenge if you don’t know where to start.

Well, you’d be glad to know that there are many ways for you to find a man with a van. You can look it up online and go with the first service provider you see, or you can look up listings online and in the local newspaper. 

There is also, of course, the option of asking for recommendations from people you know, or simply calling up the first man and van you see driving down the street. Alternatively, you may opt to use a comparison site like WhatStorage, which allows you to compare and analyse removals service quotes from several man and van companies in your area. By doing so, you can easily find the best deals possible, given your man and van requirements. 

Man and Van Costs

Most man and van companies charge based on the following factors:

  • Length of Job –  Man and van companies could either charge you hourly, for half a day’s work or a full day’s work, depending on your agreement with them, as well as their company terms.
  • Distance of Move – Naturally, long-distance travels will also cost you more than a short trip would. That is because aside from the length of the job, labour and fuel costs are also taken into consideration. 
  • Size of Van Used – To simply put it, the smaller the van, the cheaper it will be. It is important to note, though, that while a small van would be much less expensive, you may end up spending more if you have too many things that will require you to take multiple trips back and forth. 
  • The Complexity of Your Move – Will you need to move bulky, oddly-shaped furniture? Or are you moving out of an apartment complex that has narrow hallways or too many flights of stairs? Such complications will skew the price charged to you by your man and van service provider. 
  • Additional Services Acquired – Packing and unpacking services, extra helpers, additional transit insurance, and additional toll and parking fees all fall under this category. Such additional services will be charged to you. 

You don’t have to worry, though! There are quite a few money-saving tricks you can use to minimise your man and van expenses! Here are some of the most common:

  • Make sure everything is packed and prepared in advance to shorten the loading time.
  • Offer your help in loading and unloading your stuff to speed up the job.
  • Get rid of items you won’t need when you move. This will not only save you time in loading your belongings, but it will also save you some space in the van.
  • Make sure your hallways/staircases are free of any obstructions so that your movers can have direct and clear access to your stuff. 
  • Do not overfill your boxes as overfilled boxes run the risk of falling apart.
  • Make use of bags for some of your stuff. Bags, after all, are easier to carry than boxes. 
  • Schedule your move on weekdays or during off-peak seasons, as weekends and holidays are usually more expensive to book.

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Man and Van Alternatives

If you think a man and van is not the right kind of service you need to help you transport your belongings to, you may rent a van and do all the work yourself or get help from a professional removals company instead. Such services are best for home and small offices whether you’re looking for removals in Warrington or removals in Bolton, unlike man and van services, removal services typically come with a team of packers and movers, as well as packing and unpacking services.