Organising Your Home Office

Although times when creativity is called for may benefit from a cluttered office, for the most part a mess in your home office can hinder rather than intensify your productivity. Organisation is key to getting the most from your home office, which is why this month we’ll be looking at the best ways to do just that.

An Organisational System

Finding an organisational system that works for you is essential. Without one, tidying up the rest of your office may be nigh on pointless – soon enough, the mess will return. Settle on a method to organise your home office and consider electronically storing all of your files to rid yourself of bulky loads of paper. Once you have done so, you can set about tidying up the organised material that is left – it’ll certainly be a lot easier!

Floor to Ceiling Shelving

If you’re struggling for space, don’t just let things pile up precariously around the office. Instead, consider having a number of shelves installed on your walls, from the floor right up to the ceiling. While they may seem a little unsightly at first, once you get your files organised in boxes and folders, filling the shelves full of these and any books and ornaments you might have will see it looking spectacular in no time at all.

If installing so many shelves doesn’t seem up your street, simply see if you can have any fitted furniture crafted for this purpose instead. Bespoke furniture can be uniquely styled to your tastes, making your home office truly your own.

A Wireless Paradise

Cords and wires may seem like a necessary component of your home office, but that doesn’t stop them from being overly cumbersome and messy. Nowadays, it’s possible to bring wires under control by minimising their presence or eliminating them altogether. Wireless keyboards, phones and computer mice can be a great way to tidy up your office, and it doesn’t require breaking the bank to do!

Excellent Seating to Boost Productivity

When trying to improve productivity in your home office, you may overlook a comfortable yet supportive seat. This would be a mistake. Back pain is detrimental to productivity, and as you’ll be mostly sat down in your office, you’ll need to ensure that your seat supports your back and doesn’t cause you problems. What’s more, a great chair can make or break an office, so be sure to pick a stylish one that balances both support and comfort.

Multipurpose Furniture

Don’t clog your home office up with furniture that serves only one purpose and one purpose only. Think about using each bit of furniture for multiple things, like using a smaller bookcase to double up as an extension of your desk, for instance. If your home office isn’t in its own room, you could use a large table as your desk that can be transformed into a dining room table. The only limit here is your imagination.