How to Create a Monochrome Interior Colour Scheme

When it comes to decorating your home, colour is key. Even the most basic of spaces can be transformed with a change in colour scheme. One popular trend that has been growing in popularity for many years now is the monochrome interior design approach. This type of design focuses on shades of one colour or hue throughout an entire room, and if done correctly, can create a space with clean lines and sleek minimalist appeal.

This post will outline how to create your very own monochrome interior design scheme.

What Is A Monochrome Colour Scheme?

Monochrome is a fancy way of saying that your interior will be decorated with different shades of one colour. In this case, we are focusing on creating a space where the major colours used throughout all elements in the room match but still have their own unique hue and shade variation thanks to small accents or furniture pieces.

The idea behind monochromatic design is mainly just choosing a main wall colour and accenting it with other hues from within the same family. This could mean using grey as your base colour for walls then adding pops of light grey & darker greys into artwork, pillows or accessories around the home – whatever you feel helps create interest without going overboard.

How To Create A Monochrome Interior Colour Scheme

Let’s take a look at how we can create a monochrome interior design scheme in your own home.

Wall Colour

The first step is picking the main wall colour for this space. Be sure to choose a hue that you can see works well with most of your existing décor choices. For example, if you have lots of dark pieces then using a bright shade could be overwhelming, whereas choosing something lighter in the same shade would fit perfectly alongside these darker colours without looking too overpowering.

Once you’ve decided on your base colour it’s time to figure out what accent hues will work best within this room around both large items such as sofas and rugs, but also smaller decorative elements like artworks, vases or pot plants. These all help add interest when creating monochrome interiors by allowing pops of your accent colour.


The bigger pieces in your room such as sofas should be upholstered in a shade that matches the wall colour to ensure they don’t stand out too much. You want them to blend into the background, not take away from it. As well as this you also have the option of bringing pops of accent colours through accessories such as cushions and throws.

If some of these are similar shades then make sure one is noticeably different by choosing something lighter or darker; for example if you’ve chosen navy blue and light blue, work with two very dark blues instead of matching all three together, which could look quite flat and uninteresting. A great furniture brand that has a range of furniture perfect for monochrome interiors is Interior 13. The collection has a great range of sleek and stylish furniture in a variety of colours which will fit perfectly in a monochrome interior.

Colourful Accents Or Artwork

You may choose to add more colourful elements into your monochrome design scheme such as artwork, vases or pot plants. In this case, keep them simple by choosing one colour to be the focus within these items and use other accents from that same hue family to create a cohesive piece. For example, if you have a yellow flower in a vase then add surrounding highlights in mint green or white instead of matching the two shades together.

Pops Of Colour Are Key

Just because you’re working with a single main wall colour doesn’t mean everything has to match exactly. The best thing about this type of interior decorating technique is how it can encourage creativity without going overboard or being too overwhelming thanks to its simplicity at heart. Try varying shades of your main colour for large furniture, then complimenting this with pops of different hues from within the same colour family to keep things interesting.

Ticking All The Boxes For Monochrome Interior Design

If you are working to a budget or want something simple but striking, monochrome has you covered every time. This technique is perfect for adding instant impact to any room in your home, along with being wonderfully adaptable thanks to its ability allowing you to vary various elements depending on how much money you have available or what needs replacing at that particular moment in time. You can’t go wrong when sticking with just one main wall colour and varying shades of it around the space!

Hopefully this article will have provided you with some inspiration and given you a few tips on how to create a monochrome interior design scheme when decorating your home.